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The first week of the second part of my life

It feels like I’ve gone down a new road. I don’t know exactly which road…. will my trip show me this?

Start the walk Carrapateira

My first week of a new trip. This is what I really enjoy. Walking goes well, my feet are not sore, no blisters. hooray!! I do feel my spine and legs more than normal, so a little more sport and exercise before departure would not have gone to waste.

I normally sleep in a four person bedroom in a hostel and up until now, I rather enjoy it. Everywhere I meet new people, during my walks, in the hostels or when sitting outside on a terrace. I have meaningful deep conversations, receive tips for my blog or somebody offers me a ride to watch the sunset.

Sunset Rogil

This time, before I left, I spent some time to the contents of my bag and start departure with a neat 10 kg. A bit of a miscalculation on my end, because my camera, wallet, phone etc aren’t yet included. Including water and food, I’m up to 12 kg. I decide to leave 1 thing behind each day, so my bag will get lighter along the way. Back home, I was also ‘de-cluttering my stuff’, but as I found out not from my toiletries…

Too much toiletries!

As you can see, I’m quite fond on my toiletries, please don’t do as I do.

Which route?

I decide the route I’ll travel upon arrival and the plan is to be informed locally about what is nice to see and do. Quickly I come to the conclusion that there are two beautiful routes in the Algarve.

The Fishermans Trail along the coast and the Rota Vicentina through the mainland.

I’ll do a bit of both trails and next week I’ll continue in the direction of Lisbon. It’s a rather hilly area, something I’m not really used to as a Dutchy. 

My Route
Thursday 27-2 Faro AirPort – train Lagos
Lagos walking route Ponte de Piedade 15 km
Friday Lagos – Burgau 17,5 km
Saturday Burgau – Vila de Bispo 17,5 km
Sunday hitchhike to Sagres, Fort Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente 20 km
Monday hitchhike Sagres to Vila do Bispo – Carrapateira 25 km
Tuesday Carrapateira – Arrifana 25 km
Wednesday Arrifana – Rogil 20 km 
Thursday Rogil – Odeceixe 10 km

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