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” The purpose of our lives is to be happy. “
– Dalai Lama –

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Orheiul Vechi Monastery Moldova

Pure Moldova

The poorest country in Europe with a relaxed capital, prestigious wineries, unique monasteries and super friendly people.

Romanian hospitality I

A journey past monasteries, churches and castles, but there is more! River Danube, Retezat National Park and authentic Maramures.

Bulgarije Buzludzha

Summer in Bulgaria

Nice holiday destination! Monasteries, natural parks, beautiful cities, ancient monuments, white beaches and the Black Sea.

Uvac Canyon Serbia

Republic of Serbia

A tour through Serbia with many churches and castles. Hiking in untouched nature and having fun with the locals!

Hoge Tatra Slowakije

Surprising Slovakia!

Beautiful natural beauty, castles and charming old villages. Of course the Tatra Mountains and lots of hiking!

Southern Italy

A journey through the south of Italy! On route the ancient city of Matera, the ruins of Pompeii, the idyllic Amalfi Coast route and more!

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