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In love with the Algarve

The coast of south Portugal is so beautifull! Last week I walked the Fishermans trail.

When I started in Odeceixe I got lost immediately and had walked already 4 km before I noticed. I didn’t want to walk an extra 8 km so I decided to cross the river barefoot. A new adventure!

Crossing river

Wow the trail is difficult; loose sand, mud and bushes. With my bag on my back I can hardly walk through the bushes. The last 5 km I walk on the asphalt road 🙂

Dark bushes

08:00 AM my laundry is still wet. I am in Villa Nova Millfontes and go to Porto Covo today. I wait, drink a coffee and met Kathleen from Canada, we both walk the same trail to the north. On the way she took some pictures of me, nice!

It is a beautifull but difficult trail to walk. So much loose sand… Anyway the views are so amazing and together with the cooling breeze it is a perfect walk! 

The owner of the B&B picks us up from Porto Covo and makes a delicious dish with fish, potato, olives and oil. Life is so good!

In the morning we start again in Porto Covo. The trail is no fun, I get lost several times, walk on a construction place, highway and harbour pfff. I am done for today…
From there I hitchhike 5 km to Sines. 

When I arrive I am happy again, the people are very friendly and I enjoy the nice hostel and village.

Almost every day I take my wet laundry with me and try to dry it in the afternoon. At the moment It is actually the only problem I have.
No worries 🙂


On my last day of the Algarve hike I walk to Santiago do Cacem. Warm and very satisfied I arrive at the church on top of the hill. Reflecting and cooling down, I look back on a beautiful walk of 280 km through the Algarve. 

At this church I get my first Camino stamp. I finish the trail here and tonight I go to Lisbon. After a short citytrip I will start walking the Camino Portugués from Lisbon next week! 

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