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Norway part I roundtrip North Cape

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The North Cape!

In the northwest of Finland I cross the border to Norway. I stay overnight in front of the beautiful little church 20 km past Alta. I hardly spend the night at campsites anymore and these types of camper places are so relaxt in the middle of nature. Since Rovaniemi in Finland I have been travelling in the Arctic Circle and in terms of weather and temperature I can clearly notice that.

There is only one road to the North Cape and this one is amazing beautiful! The feeling that I am getting closer this point makes me feel euphoric. The hilly countryside, the reindeer, the beautiful lakes and then the long endless road without other cars, magical!

When I arrived at the North Cape I couldn’t get the smile off my face, what a milestone, how cool that I am here, a dream come true! Really grandiose 🙂
I stay overnight on the North Cape, just because I can. In the morning the sun is shining and after too many photos I leave for the continuation of my trip through Norway.


The first city I visit is Hammerfest, the northernmost city in Europe. A harbor city with colored houses and an old footpath that was used to reach the city in the early days. Now you have a nice view and can take pictures from this path.


When I go off the main road, I unexpectedly drive to a glacier near Saltnes. What a beautiful surroundings. Here I park my camper and stay overnight with a view of the glacier, perfect.

I go for a walk near the glacier, but that is not an easy walk. There is hardly any route indication and there are many stones, it is slippery and soggy from the rain. When I walk alone, I find these kind of paths less pleasant and I intend to look for slightly easier hiking trails.



I drive towards the Lofoten via an incredibly beautiful coastal route. The Apple weather app says sun, but in reality it is rain, wind and fog. The Islands have stunning colors, sometimes it looks like azure blue. In the fishing villages the dried fish (stockfish) hangs on large wooden racks. The stench is huge!

I drive all the way to the end of the E10 road. A long road through the Lofoten. The last part I walk to the sea and far away in the sea I can see the sun shining. The next day the sun shines every now and then for 10 minutes, amazing!! I quickly pull over the car and immediately start taking pictures.

West coast-route

The weather forecast is not good, it is cold and there is a lot of rain. Fortunately I am with the camper, there are also cyclists on the way. I drive slowly to the south, in the north there is less to do in terms of sights so I drive a bit more kilometers a day and walk a bit less.

Via Narvik I drive to Mo I Rana. The route and this area are absolutely beautiful. There is a lot of opportunity to stop on the way for photo’s or short walking routes. At first I thought 4 or 5 kilometers of walking is too short, but considering the rain I think it is fine!

Bye bye Arctic Circle

Then I leave the Arctic Circle at Storforshei, for two weeks I was travelling in the Arctic Circle. A very special experience in this remote area!


Trondheim is already quite south of the North Cape, but many people who visit Norway do not go that north. It is a pleasant city on the Trondheim fjord. The colored houses on the river that runs through the city are a real tourist attraction.

I visit the imposing Nidaros cathedral and walk to a higher situated castle where you have a wide view over the city.

Atlantic Road

Via Kristiansund I drive to Atlantic Road, this 8.3 km road connects all islands with the mainland by bridges to Kristiansund and Molde. A unique place in the world. I have the feeling I am driving in the middle of the sea and in fact I am.

It is afternoon and the sun is shining low, what a fantastic colors and relaxt place to be. I park my camper along the road with a view of the sea and enjoy a more than beautiful sunset. How satisfied and happy I feel!

Suddenly that happy feeling is gone at night, the weather changes and it starts to blow and rain. Several times I check whether my camper neighbors are already taking action, but it seems they sleep through. I decide not to change anything and fall asleep in a rocking camper. In the morning I realize what it will be like in this place when it starts to storm, then you really don’t want to be here!

Norway what a beautiful country and how I enjoyed these first two weeks! For the next two weeks, I will be seeing more of the inland of Norway.

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