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Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The Baltics roundtrip North Cape

Bog Boardwalk Kemeru National Park Latvia

Surprising Lithuania

Hill of Crosses

When I arrive in Lithuania, the people speak English. I only now notice how I missed that in Poland. Just for asking the way, have a chat or ask the best travel tips. In Lithuania it is possible again!

Cities, Castle and National park

Kaunas is a medium-sized city and a lot has been done in recent years to brighten up the city. What does an average day look like? In the morning I start at the city wall, there are several churches, I view them inside and out. Some of the paintings on the ceilings are being restored, quite a job. Kaunas has a nice relaxt center, I drink a coffee and it feels like vacation. I spend the night at a city campsite, often these campsites are near the highway and about 5 km from the city. It is nice to walk to town and back. The campsite is located on a large lake and it is a sunny day, the rest of the afternoon I am relaxing on the beach.

In Lithuania I also visit the capital Vilnius and then I continue via Trakai to the national park of Birstonas. The Trakai Castle is a beautifully restored medieval castle. It is located on a island in the middle of a lake near the town of Trakai. Many utensils, coins, clothing and furniture have remained intact, I imagine myself in the Middle Ages.

Trakai Castle

Hill of Crosses

After a few lovely walks in Birstonas and enjoying the beautiful view from the watchtower, I go to the Hill of Crosses. Close to Siauliai is a hill with a lot of crosses, a national pelgrimage site. It is the most famous and also touristic ‘thing to do’ in Lithuania. When I get there at the beginning of the evening, the tourists are gone and there is a serene peace.


Cross the border on foot!

Off the beaten track I drive to Latvia. It is a very remote area, I can even cross the border on foot. First I drive to the Kemeru National Park. I take the wrong turn and see a large part of the park while I’m driving. I didn’t come for that, I’m looking for the Kemeru Bog Boardwalk! After half an hour I found the walking path. It is a boardwalk constructed through the park’s marshes. What a beautiful and unique place!


Colored buildings in Riga

In Riga I also spend the night at the city campsite. Do they hold street races next to campsite at night? What a noise… Compared to a restless night, it is extremely quiet on Sundays during the day in Riga. It is a modern city and, in combination with the many historic monumental buildings, there is a lot to see. You want to see more pictures? Take a look at Facebook or Instagram!

Gaujas National Park and Saulkrasti

In the Gaujas National Park the campsite is near the lake, a very nice place to wake up in the morning! I walk around the lake and later I walk in the forest. At once there are many mosquitoes and I am bitten several times. I am suddenly done walking very quickly hahah. Fortunately, in Saulkrasti near the coast there are less flies and mosquitoes and I walk the Coastal route. The forest on one side and the sea on the other!


I drive up to Estonia via the coastal route. It is a quiet road and I can drive slowly, around 60 km/h. I look around and enjoy the surroundings. Just across the border I stop to camp at a free campsite. In Estonia these campsites are equipped with a waste container and a natural toilet (hole in the ground). It is a very good spot by the sea and the camper is in the forest adjacent to the beach.


The pride of Tallinn! Alexander Nevski Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox cathedral from 1900. How beautifully preserved this cathedral is! I take too many photos and then continue to the other part of town. Now I’am in the mood so I also visit the Tallinn Cathedral and the St. Olaf church. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and, just like Lithuania and Latvia, has many colored buildings in town. I enjoy a local beer on town hall square and shop for some new clothes. What a fantastic day.

I enjoyed my trip through the Baltic States. The Russian/Sovjet influences are hardly visible anymore and it feels like travelling through Europe. The end of this journey is immediately the beginning of the trip to Finland. I am in a line to board the boat from Tallinn to Helsinki. The sun is shining brightly and I can enjoy the view outside during the entire crossing.
Finland here I Come!

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