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My new camper!

This van has been converted into a beautiful camper van. Many thanks to Van der Kreke Caravan Service in Moordrecht! In a few steps you can see how the conversion came about.

Regular van

The 2nd cabin, floor and part of the ceiling are removed. The new floor can be put in and it is additionally pressed with cement bags. The van is also fully insulated.


We have made a drawing in advance of what the layout of the camper will look like. The first contours of the shower and bed are already visibly! The skylight, the wooden walls and ceiling are cut to size and installed later. Because first preparations are made for electricity and water.

Leo always waits very patiently while I’m busy with the camper van.

The PVC floor is glued and the previously sawn wooden parts are placed.

Now it is already good to see what the camper will look like! Part of the bed and the shelves above the bed are also ready.


I like to paint myself. I also like a light environment and use white wash stain and white paint to finish the wood. Leo the dog now loves it in Rick van der Kreke’s shed and comes to lie down at my feet while painting. He must lie dead still because of his hair, hahah poor Leo.


Along the way I am not always on campsites and that is why I would like to be completely self-sufficient.

Gas, water and electricity are installed; solar panels, batteries, clean water tank, waste water tank, stove, sink, shower, boiler etc. and that is still quite a lot of work!


I paint the new wooden parts and then we go to the first inspection. The RDW inspection in Zwijndrecht for new camper vans.

Yesss approved!! I think it’s a milestone and I’m super happy. It’s a pity taking pictures at RDW is not allowed.

I send the bpm tax form to the tax authorities the same day and two weeks later I paid my bpm tax and received my new registration certificate, so that goes very quickly.

Now just screw on the new license plates and finish the last details on the camper.

And then it’s time to pick up the camper van. The camper is neatly delivered by Rick van der Kreke and I drive home totally happy.

The second inspection is the gas, water, electricity inspection of the insurance company. This is the last milestone and this inspection is also going smoothly. Fantastic! The camper van is now ready to be tested.

The second inspection is the gas, water, electricity inspection of the insurance company, they do this inspection in front of the house handy! This is the last milestone and this inspection is also going smoothly. Fantastic!

Because everything is new in the camper I decide to test the camper first before I go for a long trip.


I do the first Camper test on Texel, what a beautiful island this is! I also test the camper for a week in Luxembourg (Mullerthal). Would you like to read my Mullerthal blog? Click on the link below!

After the last minor adjustments to the camper, I’m ready to go!


WOW I’m so excited to hit the road!

Leo the dog also loves traveling and I enjoy his cozy presence. He is usually completely zen chilling next to the camper van.

Would you like to see even more of the interior or enjoy the view from the camper van? Have a look at the video below.

We are now going to travel to the Balkans, will you travel with us?

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