Romantische Strasse

Romantische Strasse in Germany

The Romantische Strasse is a 385 long route from Würzburg to Füssen in southern Germany. I’m going to the Balkans via Austria and this romantic trip is right on the way.


In Würzburg I start at the Würzburg Residence. It is an 18th century episcopal palace with a large garden. The weather is beautiful and it is wonderful to wander around in the garden. The city is pleasantly busy, there are trams running, I walk past the old part of the Grafeneckart town hall and stop at the market square at the Mary Chapel to take some pictures.

After a nice sandwich and a super large coffee (large is really large here) I look for a place to sleep. It will be the camperplace at Wertheim am Main. A beautiful spot with a view of the river Main and the Wertheim Castle on top of the hill.

In the morning I walk through the nice small town. It’s Sunday and it’s early, but a bakery is already open on the market square. It is busy with people having a breakfast or a coffee, just like me. A great way to start the day.


The route continues to Tauberbischofsheim. WoW this is real romance! It is a lovely town with old houses and the buildings have remained in their original state very well.

I think it is one of the most beautiful towns of the entire route.
See also the main photo of the blog!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is completely walled with city walls you can walk on. Leo the dog loves it but I find it rather cramped to pass people on this narrow path with a dog zigzagging the wall. It is a very beautiful old town and also very touristy.

In the evening I let the dog out in the woods just next to the village. A nice walking path with a view of the town and what turns out to be a pilgrim path to Santiago. All roads lead to… Santiago?

The next day I drive through the town of Dinkelsbuhl at 20 km per hour by car, then you can actually see quite a lot!


In Nördlingen we spend the night at the local camper place, there are many people who live in the motorhome and everyone chats with each other.

Nördlingen is a nice town with a city wall and a large church in the middle of the market square. It’s fun to shop, I buy a skirt and a t-shirt and I also go to the Jysk and Mediamarkt. It feels like home!

Landsberg am Lech

In Donauworth I can only find a 30 minute parking spot and I walk around the center of town quickly. It’s actually too hot for that, pfff it’s hot in Germany at the moment. We also have little air conditioning in the car and Leo suffers from the heat. We drive directly to the nearest overnight place in Rain am Lech.

The next day we visit Landsberg am Lech. This old town has city walls with large towers, a market square with old colored houses and all beautifully situated along the Lech. Just while walking the dog I enjoy this beautiful town, what a wonderful life I have!

Then I spend the night at the Forggensee near Roshaupten. It rained a lot but what a beautiful area that is! The route is now a semi-Alpine landscape with the mountains at a distance. It is fantastically beautiful and I actually want to drive slow and look around, but unfortunately I’m not the only one on the road.


On the way to Füssen I first park the car in the woods for a nice walk with Leo. We practice taking selfies, he tries his best but doesn’t quite understand where the camera is.

It is super touristy in Füssen! Just like in World Disney (in America) they have recreated the country of Germany… it almost doesn’t seem real.

Acrobats on the street entertain people, it’s sunny and everyone is happy.

Neuschwanstein Castle

After a delicious cup of coffee and a vegan apple pie (yummy!) we drive to Schwangau to the Neuschwanstein castle. This castle was the inspiration for the Disney fairytale castle of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The castle stands on top of the mountain and it is a long walk up from Schwangau. Upstairs it is busy, the castle is popular with many tourists. I take my pictures and enjoy an easy walk down.

Opposite Neuschwanstein Castle is Hohenschwangau Castle, exactly in the center of the photo with the Alps in the background, what a beautiful setting!

Hohenschwangau Castle

End Romantische Strasse

I have largely followed the route via the brown signs and I have skipped a few larger cities such as Augsburg and Munich to visit. My journey continues to Austria and on my route I visit two more romantic gems in Ettal, an encore!


Near Ettal is Linderhof Castle, this beautiful palace is not large, but the environment around it makes it a particularly beautiful place. Leo is a perfect dog and poses neatly for the photo.

In the middle of the small village of Ettal is a large abbey, by chance I spend the night next to this abbey. The abbey is beautiful to photograph from inside, outside and from a distance. The forest around Ettal is wonderful for walking and several hiking trails have been laid out.

I think the Romantische Strasse is a very nice route to drive with the camper/car and it is probably also with the motorcycle or bicycle. Unfortunately the romance ends here but I travel further to the Alps in Austria.

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