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Vapor in the village Siatorska Bukovinka

During my tour through the Balkans and Eastern Europe, I travel through Hungary on the way there and back. I pass the Hungarian border near Šomoška Castle. An abandoned border crossing with a road full of potholes.

Šomoška Castle

Leo and I view the castle ruins during our evening walk. The rest of the park tomorrow! Not at all, after a nightly visit from strangers to my camper I drove away. Unfortunately I was not able to visit the unique stone waterfall in the park.

Eger city

It’s raining cats and dogs in Eger, so I’m going to do some indoor shopping first. As soon as it is dry, I’ll go out with Leo and we will take a look at this nice city.

The Cathedral, the Castle, Dobo Istvan Square, the Minaret and the Minorite Church. There is much more to do, but in the afternoon there will be a lot of rain again. Time for an extensive lunch!

Bükk National Park

In Bükkszentkereszt (great name for a village!) I find a perfect hiking trail that hasn’t even become swampy after a cloudburst! We walk through holes in the rock and in this remote place a beautiful Maria chapel has been made in the rock.

The park is incredibly green and smells wonderful after the rain. Driving in beautiful places like this is also enjoyable!

Tokaj wines

On to Tokaj! This is where, among other things, good and delicious muscat wine comes from. Great, I’m looking forward to a wine tasting 😁

I haven’t found a tasting, but I have found a restaurant where I can taste three different Tokaj wines. Top wine!

Hortobagy National Park

Ate the Slambuc dish for the first time, potatoes, bacon, pasta and more. Hahah it would be a vegetarian dish?!

We are in the Puszta of Hungary! Next to the Slambuc restaurant is the famous 9-arch bridge. Leo and I walk through a steppe landscape in search of wild horses. I don’t see any horses, but I see a lot of birds even with Leo around!

The next morning we walk to the lookout tower. A beautiful view with cheerful chirping of birds. Yet I must say that this flat landscape also resembles the Netherlands. Is that why so many Dutch people buy a house in Hungary?

I continue towards Szeged, a city in the south of Hungary. But first a dip in the termal pool at Cegled!

Szeged city

Szeged is super relaxed, perhaps also because the weather is finally nice! What a great city to wander around, I’m going to have a delicious lunch, see the Votive Church, Szeged Synagogue, Dom Tér, the museum, the shopping streets, beautiful squares and lots of terraces.

I cross the border into Serbia where I continue my journey. Would you like to read my blog about Serbia?
Just click on this link! https://www.marianaroundtheworld.com/en/europe/republic-of-serbia/

Three months later…

Balasty Hindu temple

I am in the hamlet of Balasty where there is a Hindu temple, which is special. A beautiful temple but it is closed. What initially seems like a boring place turns out to be a nice location!

Leo and I first walk a very long stretch over grassland and sandy paths, which is super nice. When I return, I chat with my German-Bulgarian camper neighbors all evening, what a pleasant evening!

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. There is an official camper place with a view of the lake, on the lawn and Leo can lie comfortably next to the camper. Perfect! I eat a Langos natural for the first and last time, OMG that is so greasy and I buy Tokaj wine again, delicious!

Thank you Hungary and see you soon! My Balkan trip comes to an end here, I visited all the Balkan countries, what a fantastic experience!

I will continue traveling for a while, my next destination is France. Will you travel with me?

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