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Romanian Hospitality II

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Danube Delta Pelican

During my tour through the Balkans I travel through hospitable Romania. After a trip to Moldova, I am back in Romania and visiting the Danube Delta.

Danube Delta is a large, extensive UNESCO biosphere reserve with many birds and a huge pelican population!

Danube Delta

We have a nice spot at the campsite where I book a boat trip, tomorrow morning we will go sailing on the Delta. First I need to chase away some mosquitoes before I can sleep…

There is mystical vapor hanging above the water! We see many different birds, trees, plants, lakes and the Danube River, but I think the pelicans are the most beautiful. Difficult to take pictures, they fly faster than the boat!

Frogs, water lilies and more than 50 swans together, I have never seen that before. Large birds of prey, kingfishers and all kinds of different birds together; seagulls, ducks, coots, heron, snipe, cormorant, ibises and more. If you are a nature lover, the Danube Delta should not be missed on your tour, highly recommended!

Spend the night in the vineyard

On my way to Brasov I spend the night halfway in the vineyard of Razvan. What a welcome! I get wine in a bucket with ice, sparkling water, also blue & white plums and 3 types of grapes. Wow enough for a month!

Leo and I walk in the vineyard and meet the street dogs that Razvan has adopted, a beautiful place.

Mud volcanoes

Near Berca in the hamlet of Piclele you will find the mud volcanoes. In this protected nature reserve, mud bubbles up in various places. The mud runs down from small volcanoes and dries immediately, it is creating a beautiful landscape!

Brasov city

It’s scorching hot in the city! I look at the Black Church, the shopping streets and the pleasant Council Square. The square is busy with tourists. I don’t do much anymore and enjoy a local lager.

Dracula’s Bran Castle

Bran Castle, Dracula’s castle 🧛🏻‍♀️
This time I walk around the castle alone, Leo waits outside. After a delicious coffee, we take a walk in the castle garden and walk back to the camper, a nice start to the day!

Sighisoara city

Sighisoara is a nice city in Transylvania. After a tour of the city, the Citadel Square, the many towers and churches, I go for a delicious pizza lunch.

Churches in Transsylvania

Impossible to see all the churches in Transylvania but I’ll try! There is a list of fortified churches that are worth seeing. I’m looking at Cris, Danes, Biertan, Richis, Hosman and more.

The Cris castle in the hamlet of Cris is still being fully restored. The Biertan church is large and touristy. We spend the night in the hamlet of Richis, where the houses cheerfully color the streets.

Transalpine Road

In the morning I buy fresh sandwiches for the road because I am going to drive the Transalpine road today. This mountain road reaches a height of 2145 meters and is approximately 150 km long. The first part I meander between the fields with crops from hamlet to hamlet.

Once you arrive in the mountains, it is amazing! How I love the mountains! The sun shines every now and then and every mountain seems to have its own color. It is a well-paved winding road with stunning views.

Unexpectedly I see a nice place to spend the night, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Leo and I take a walk and I take a whole series of photos. Then the wind starts to blow, cloudy, a few splashes of rain and suddenly a heavy downpour. Everything cleared away in the camper just in time.

Today the next part of the Transalpine road. The day starts foggy but suddenly the sun comes out and the clouds slowly disappear. AMAZING, what a beautiful road, nothing else to say and way too many photos. We drive over the mountains and the view keeps changing until I finally see the valley.

It is time to descend again and head towards my friend Venera in Bucharest.

Friends visit

Venera was my neighbor in Kijkduin, The Hague where I lived before. She now lives in Romania again. Great to see each other! And Venera can cook incredibly well! We also eat fruit from the garden, Romanian bread and drink homemade wine.

I park under the grapes next to the house, how special is this place.

Transfagarasan Road

The Transfagarasan Road is a spectacular road with many hairpin bends and cliffs. That sounds fantastic! The sheep walk almost steeply up the slope here. And along the way I see a bear next to the road. Bizarre!

The route becomes more and more beautiful in terms of views and I stop for the night at Lake Balea. The lake is wonderful, Leo can run free and I have a tasty meal at the restaurant. What a wonderful life 😍

Valea Lunga Romana, hamlet

My last stop is in this heavenly place with Adriana and her daughter. It is a hamlet with approximately 30 houses. We walk in the fields behind the houses, no cars and hardly any people, how peaceful.

Adriana takes in street dogs and then finds people for adoption. She has now taken care of these two puppies, so cute!

My Romania adventure ends here, tomorrow I will head west via Hungary. I saw a lot in Romania and I really enjoyed this diverse country with its hospitable people!

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