Mostar Bosnië Herzegovina

Culture mix in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Moon pyramid

There is a mix of cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For example, the European & Turkish influences and the differences between traditional and modern life. But most striking are the religious differences. Of the approximately 3.5 million inhabitants, 50% are Islam, 30% Orthodox Christian, 15% Catholic Christian, 5% Jewish or another religion.

First stop after border crossing, Dobrun

Crossing the border from Serbia to Bosnia is easy, my 5th ‘new’ country this trip!

I have driven many kilometers and stop at the first restaurant-motel I see in Bosnia. A top spot because here I can eat, rest and spend the night in the parking lot. The area is unexpectedly nice for walking and there is also a beautiful monastery. In the morning the waiter calls me for coffee and we chat via Google translate, a great start to the day!


Via a beautiful route along the Drina River I drive to the town of Visegrad, known for the ancient bridge from 1574.

After walking around the city and looking at the Mehmed Paša Sokolović bridge, I enjoy this local Tulumba pastry, delicious!

Capital Sarajevo

In Sarajevo I am at a higher campsite with a view over the city of Sarajevo. From the campsite we have to walk steeply down to the city. We walk past the Bazaar, Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque, Clock Tower, cathedrals and much more, what a nice city! The taxi rules are a little less fun, no taxi wants to take the dog so unfortunately we walk steeply back to the campsite 😅

Chillen in Vrelo Bosne Park

The Vrelo Bosne Park is in the village of Llidza. Super clear water flows through the entire park and there is shade almost everywhere, what a wonderful place to chill!

I walk around the park with Leo and then continue to Visoko because there are real pyramids?!

Really, pyramids in Bosnia Herzegovina!

I park at the camper place in Visoko and walk from there to the Pyramid of the Sun. It’s quite a climb in the bright sun wow! You can go up the pyramid with a guide or alone. I go without a guide and read the signs translated into English. Most of the pyramid is covered with vegetation, but where I go up via rickety stairs I see stone and a kind of concrete. This pyramid is over 29,000 years old!

Impressive but also difficult to imagine that it is a pyramid. We also walk to the Pyramid of the Moon (the main photo) and then we have walked enough for today!

Travnik city

Travnik was built in the 15th century. I visit Old Town, Travnik Kalesi (fortress), the nice shopping street and many mosques. The fort is very beautiful and gives great views over the city.


In the city of Livno I first go to the old bridge (top right of the photo). Then we will spot wild horses, Bosnian Mustangs, 10 km from the city.

Not a horse in sight, but what vast nature here! Take a look at the video below.

Camping Ramsko Jezero

Two days we spend at a super cozy campsite in Matkovici on Lake Ramsko Jezero. A family from Denmark with the swimming dog, Germans with the stray dog from Romania, the digital Nomad Russians in the tent next to me and the owner and his son are also super nice. We sail on the lake and I enjoy this beautiful life.

From Prozor I drive this amazing route to Mostar via Jablanica!

Stari Most bridge, Mostar

The bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The old bridge was blown up in 1993 during the war.

The bridge has now been rebuilt and you can easily cross the river to Mostar Old Town with the lively market. A must see during a trip through Bosnia.

Kravica Waterfall

Kravica waterfall is very touristy haha I didn’t expect that. I walk a short distance, take a few photos and decide to sit on a terrace.

If you don’t like cold water, this is the most fun thing you can do here. I’m sitting at a table with Australians and it’s a lot of fun!

War memorials

I regularly see war memorials along the way. Near Jablanica there is a war memorial in this beautiful spot overlooking the mountains and the ravine. The names of the soldiers are listed per village. In Romanija, the walls of the church are filled with the names of the deceased soldiers from the Yugoslavia war, very impressive.

Mountain hut Romanija

We spend the night next to the mountain hut in Romanija. In the morning Leo and I walk the route to the top, what an incredible view!!!

Walking in the mountains makes us both so happy! Happy with my walking buddy 🙂

What a beautiful place to end my trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I enjoyed this versatile country!

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