Mount Gjeravica

Kosovo youngest country in Europe

Yellow flower field Mountain Gjeravica

Via the interior I cross the border from Serbia to Kosovo. Passport, car, dog passport everything is checked. I get a stamp in my passport and a warning that I can no longer enter Serbia. Fortunately, that turns out not to be a problem, I easily travel in and out of Serbia again.


Kosovo is not only the youngest country in Europe but also has the youngest population, more than 70% of the population is under 35 years old.

Kosovo was administered by a UN mission after the Kosovo War and on 15 June 2008 it formally took charge of its own country. Conflicts are still going on between the 90% Albanians and 10% Serbs.

Especially in the north of Kosovo there is tension, so I will skip that area this trip.

Village Suva Reka

Pristina is very busy and anything but fun. After more than 45 minutes I give up trying to find a parking space and I first look for a place to sleep.

I park for the night in Suva Reka at a restaurant with delicious fish and local wine, perfect!

WoW how many dogs bark here at night! And in between the mosque at 4 a.m., hahah little sleep.

Prizren city

Prizren is a nice city! I view the mosque, a church and walk to the fortress on the hill. The view over the city is great and I can also see the church (left) and the mosque (right).

Campsite Junik

Then I drive to the campsite in the village of Junik. Leo and I walk around in the woods a little further behind the campsite.

It’s incredibly hot and showering is almost the best part of the day today!

Mountain Gjeravica

The owner of camping Junik, Sahid drives the 4×4 to his mountain house under construction on Mountain Gjeravica. We can ride along and from there Leo and I go for a walk. Cool this is really 4×4! The road is also under construction and you cannot get here without a 4×4. Amazing what an unexplored area.

There are no hiking trails but I follow the trail of the herds. It is about 1800-2000 meters high and there is still snow and ice. Leo thinks it’s great and rolls on it, super funny. On top of the mountain I find a route on and I walk part of a hiking route towards Albania.

Back at the mountain house I help a bit and then a long bumpy ride back to the campsite, what an amazing day!

Decany Monastery

It’s too hot and I have a lot of camper things to do! I am already soaked before I leave the campsite… It’s a monastery day today, so I’m also wearing my long skirt.

The Visoki Deçani Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery. It is guarded by KFOR soldiers and at first it seems as if I am driving into a war zone. But nothing is wrong (today) I am assured, I can visit the monastery.

Rugova Canyon

I drive through the Rugova Canyon to the next monastery, a rough ride on bad roads, but what a beautiful landscape!

Peć Patriarchate Monastery

The Peć Patriarchate Monastery is also guarded, with local police, a little more relaxed.

Mountain village Drelaj

My next campsite is in the mountains. The last part of the road looks like yesterday’s 4×4 ride.

Arriving at the top, I can park with a view of the gorge, what a paradise place 😍

This campsite is more or less ON the Balkan trail and a few moments later a few pleasant German hikers arrive. We eat together and it reminds me of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, nice!

What a view when I wake up in the morning! We have breakfast together at the large wooden table outside, a good start to the day.

Today we walk a part of the Balkan trail, nice this trail is on my wishlist! What a beautiful setting wow! You have to pay close attention to the signs because I am walking the last part wrong and therefore miss a water point. It’s hot and we don’t have enough water with us for the whole day. Unfortunately we have to go back, but Leo and I are actually quite satisfied after 5 hours of walking.

Grandma of the house Drelaj

3 more campers arrive, some hikers and friendly locals, a pleasant crowd!

The campsite owner’s mother still milks the cows by hand. We don’t understand each other, but with hands and feet we communicate a bit.

I drink a beer with the grandmother of the house just from the bottle, what a beautiful person, cheers!

Besides all the beauty and fun, the people also have harrowing war stories to tell. You just can’t imagine it.

Children, women, men everyone fought or helped in the war 1998-1999. Only so recently…

I continue my journey through southwestern Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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