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Travel around Australia

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Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

In december 2016 I leave home for a long period, I’m going to travel the world for the first time all alone.

I gave up my rent, stored my furniture and said my goodbyes to family, friends and coworkers. After chilling in Thailand for 2 weeks, I arrive totally relaxed in Sydney, the starting point for my 2 month journey.

My journey will consist of the following places:
Sydney – Melbourne – Tasmania – Melbourne – Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin – Cairns – Townsville – Airlie Beach – Hervey Bay – Byron Bay – Sydney

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Sydney; the Opera house, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach,
new years eve

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Dark clouds above Bondi Beach
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Happy new year! How many phones?!

Melbourne; citytrip

Melbourne is an excellent city, hip, relaxed and I felt right at home. Maybe Melbourne resembles a european city. The Australian Open Tennis tournament had just started and it felt a bit to crowded to me, so I booked a tour to Tasmania.

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Melbourne city

Tasmania; the island underneath Australia with kangaroos, beautiful vistas, waterfalls, rough coastline and Cradle Mountain

Tasmania is the coolest part of Australia and that was fine by me. You can go on fantastic walks and enjoy nature, after a five day tour, I even booked another tour. I love Tasmania!

The views at Cradle Mountain

Melbourne, Twelve Apostles and Great Ocean Road 

From Melbourne we drive over the Great Ocean Road towards Adelaide. This coastal road is very beautiful and gives plenty of opportunities to go for a walk or just watch the sea.

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Adelaide; winetasting

My favourite thing to do.. Do I need to say more?

Alice Springs; Uluru 

From Adelaide we drive in 10 days to Alice Springs. We spent a lot of time in the bus and see too many flies. There is less drought than other years which causes the red soil to colour green with grasses and other little plants. This is the outback and it feels like I’m far from the inhabited world. This is the land of the aboriginals, very beautiful and special.

Darwin; Kakadu park

Darwin is a wet area in the North of Australia. It was raining when I was there and the humidity caused droplets on the ceiling of my hostel…
I’m in the middle of nature and see a lot of (scary) animals 🙂

Poisonous toad

Townsville; Magnetic Island

Through Cairns to Airlie Beach, Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier reef

In Cairns I hurt my back and stay for four days in my bed in the hostal. With the help of rest and Ibuprofen I continue my travel along the east coast. From Airlie beach we take a sailingboat to the paradise of the whitsunday islands. During this boat trip I get to see the Great Barrier Reef while snorkling. A dream comes true!

Hervey Bay; Fraser Island

With a four by four truck we drive over the beach of Fraser Island. Maybe it’s a bit touristy thing to do, but I enjoy it immensely. The driving, the nature, the cosiness in and outside the car, all is well!

Byron Bay; The Lighthouse, surfers and kayaking with dolphins

Sydney, The Blue Mountains & The Three Sisters

In the end of my trip I return to Sydney. I learn more about the Aboriginal culture, visit the Blue Mountains and see the city from the water.

Blue Mountain Three Sisters

Bye bye Australia

What a cool trip I’ve done and how I enjoyed it.
The ancient culture of the Aboriginals, the welcoming Australians, the safe travel environment and the beautiful nature.

I will definitely return once more to visit the west coast. See you soon!

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