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Spanish Pyrenees

Mirador de la Creu de Guils

The national road N-260 is a mountain road through the Pyrenees from east to west Spain. It’s early October and the weather is wonderfully sunny, perfect for walking!

N-260 Martinet

The first stop is in Martinet, we are at a free camper place with a shower, which is really rare! Leo & I walk a nice stretch along the river in the evening.

N-260 Mirador de la Creu de Guils

Wow, what a great route the N-260 is! I park with a view of the mountains and Mirador de la Creu de Guils, it is incredibly beautiful and quiet here. This really is maximum enjoyment!

It is also so special in the evening, listen and watch this video!

There are several campers parked in this amazing spot. In the morning we first have a nice chat with the neighbors, then Leo and I walk several laps in the neighborhood. We will stay one more night in this nice place.

I am now urgently looking for diesel… In the village of Sort I can finally refuel. Tip from me: when you go into the mountains, always refuel first 🙈


We continue our way past small villages and the Pantà de Sant Antoni lake. The view along the way is great again! I stop in Tremp for the night, a short detour from the N-260.

We walk in an almost dry riverbed. Leo takes a mud bath with his paws!

It is currently 30 degrees, really bizarre for the month of October.

N-260 en route

It is quiet on the N-260, we just walk along the road to take pictures of this remote village of El Pont de Suert.

Hike Embassament de Escales

In Embassament de Escales I park along the river where we can take a perfect walk! Past an old bridge, take a dip in the river and continue through the open fields.

We are only allowed to park here during the day, so after the walk I drive a little further.

Off grid parking

This time I park off grid along the road between the trees, not great and also crooked, but I’m a bit tired so I leave it like that for today.

But then waking up with this view is phenomenal, isn’t it?

Castejón de Sos 

After a 10-minute drive I arrive at the free camper site of Castejón de Sos, a perfect straight parking space and I also have fresh water. Hahah I could have driven that yesterday, but that’s fine. It is a camper place with a stunning view of the mountains.

We walk around the small airport nearby and I enjoy coffee and cake in the village, always good! Then a climb to the church on the hill with amazing views over the valley. Super nice place to walk here!

The end of the N-260 is in Sabiñánigo, a pleasant village with a large place for campers. I meet German Suzan with 3 dogs, Phil and Sophia from Valencia and Joke & Rob from NL. Great people!

At the foot of the Pyrenees

Bolea is a small village at the foot of the Pyrenees. We walk among the fields and olive trees, walk around the village and enjoy the view from the church, beautiful!

Las Peñas de Riglos

Las Peñas de Riglos are red-colored rock formations, gorgeous! Large birds of prey hover above my head. We walk a super nice stretch on a well-marked route. I take a lot of photos and look in admiration at the climbers on the steep wall.

How beautiful Spain is! From here we travel further into the Aragon region, will you travel with us?

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