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Roadtrip Sicily

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After the cold weather in Turkey it is time to look for the sun. Via Northern Greece I travel in a few days to Igoumenitsa and take the ferry to Brindisi. In Villa San Giovanni I take the boat to Sicily!


I use the park4night app to find places where I can spend the night, but the app doesn’t work very well in Sicily. I’ve already visited three locations that no longer exist.

Then I have to drive through a super narrow street with the mirrors folded in and then no supermarket to be found… Hahah not an easy start!

But once we are parked Leo and I walk along the sea and watch this beautiful sunset.

It’s only my 2nd night in Sicily but it already feels longer, I feel at home here! We walk along the sea, to the beautiful Di Capo Milazzo and enjoy the view in the mountains near Patti.


We spend the night in the harbor of Cefalu, what a beautiful view, isn’t it?

We overlook the large rock in the shape of a hat.

Cefalu is a romantic and typical Italian town! The streets are narrow and the balconies hang very low, be careful with the camper! I enjoy the cozy town, the walk on the gigantic rock and the beautiful cathedral.

Lake Caccamo

One of the largest lakes in Sicily is Lake Caccamo. Today we are going for a walk at the lake!

What a fantastic view, isn’t it?


Palermo is a nice city with a large pedestrian area and lots of culture. Lovely to walk around and view beautiful buildings. A must see; Teatro Massimo, Palermo Cathedral, Quattro Canti, Pretoria Square and Fontana, Palazzo dei Normanni and Mercato del Capo!


On to Corleone known from the mafia movie the Godfather. Not much is happening in this village right now, it seems to be the safest village in Sicily!

The path to the waterfall at Corleone is closed and so is the route to the viewpoint, but we go there anyway. Haha a nice place to break the rules!

The inland

From Palermo I drive via Corleone and Prizzi through the inland to Agrigento. What a panoramic landscape! A big difference with the hustle and bustle in the city and near the coast, I enjoy the peace and all the natural beauty.

Scala dei Turchi 

From the camper place we can walk to Scala dei Turchi via the beach. Leo & I like to walk on the beach, after this beautiful and fun walk on the beach we arrive at the huge white limestone rock. Weather and wind have carved a kind of staircase into the rock. Scala dei Turchi is also called the Turkish Steps.

Valley of Temples, Agrigento

The Valley of Temples is the largest archaeological site in the world at 1300 hectares. I marvel at bizarrely large temples that have remained almost completely intact.

Volcano Etna

To be honest… the reason for my visit to Sicily is Etna! Volcano Etna is active and in fact the last eruption of smoke and ash was in 2023 just after I parked for a night under the smoke of this huge volcano.

It’s amazing to drive to Etna. I almost think it’s normal, but it’s so special to do this with my own campervan! There is a lot of snow along the way, but the road is passable. Normally you need snow chains here, I don’t even have them with me…

We walk to 2 craters over lava and snow, Leo likes it and so do I, this is really maximum enjoyment! Etna is highly recommended, if you dare 🙂

Taormina, Siracusa & Ragusa

In Taormina we walk on a steep path up to the town. I walk around the Village Gardens, cathedral, city gate and the long nice shopping street. A very clean city where everything looks like the real Italy as in the pictures.

The island of Ortygia near Siracusa is also recommended. We walk to the castle, square, cathedral and fountain. It is amazing, especially the small streets, so really Italian. People just live there, I love it.

And don’t miss Ragusa either, this town fits perfectly in the list of real Italian villages!

I continue my journey in the south of Italy, would you like to read my next blog? Please click on this link!

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