El Castell de Guadelest

Wintering in Spain II, Murcia & Valencia

Blossom trees near Mula

From sunny Andalusia we travel to Murcia and there the blossom trees are in bloom, what great timing!

Region Murcia

On the way in the Murcia region I drive a beautiful route along the blossom trees, the birds are chirping, it’s spring! I drive at least tens of kilometers between the blossom trees, what a gorgeous time of year it is.

I wake up and smell a lovely sweet smell, what is it? Incense from the neighbors? Nooooo, it’s the blossom trees! 
There are so many you can smell it with every breath, I love this 🌸

Parque Sierra Espuña

When we spend the night in the hamlet of Casas Nuevas, we walk in the adjacent Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña. 

A wonderful small nature park where we walk through the dry riverbed.

Region Valencia

On to travel friend Kathleen! She is in a relaxed spot by the sea in La Vila Joiosa. After a hike along the coast we have a nice chat, but soon the police appear and tell us that we are not allowed to spend the night here today.

No problem, we drive to Benimantell, a small mountain village.

El Castell de Guadalest 

And what a surprise I found there! We walk to El Castell de Guadalest, the village & castle were built in and on the rock almost 1000 years ago, unique! And then this view of the azure blue reservoir lake, phenomenal!

Benidorm city

I have heard many negative and positive stories about Benidorm, I only know the series (from the past) the Benidorm Bastards. It’s high time I discovered this city myself.

After a rain shower the weather becomes lovely. We walk along the boulevard with the other tourists, I buy clothes & shoes and drink nice wine with delicious tapas snacks on the terrace. A wonderful day!

Leo doesn’t feel well in the morning. I get dressed and go for a walk straight away, luckily he recovers from that. I have breakfast on the boulevard at one of the many terraces. 

Plenty of time to watch tourists! Most people are older than me, but there are also young people, beach lovers and hikers. There is even a Camino to Santiago!

Simat de la Valldigna

We walk in Pego between the orange trees and a stretch on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, always good! Then I drive between the orange and mandarin trees to Simat de la Valldigna. It even smells like oranges here, or am I imagining that?! 

In the village there is this charming photogenic church, Parroquia San Miguel Arcángel.


On my way to visit travel friend Sandie in La Pobla de Farnals, we are going to Valencia together, a relaxed city with impressive architecture! The old river in the city has been moved because it kept flooding. You can now walk for miles on the old river.

We move to Castellón where the camper place is packed. An incredible amount of campers in this town! Parking along the street is okay, it’s here very quiet at night. Before we say goodbye, we enjoy a walk on the beach and have a nice chat on the terrace.

Street art in Geldo

Geldo is a small village with less than 700 inhabitants but with urban street art. Large murals, fun graffiti and impressive portraits. Definitely worth a visit!


The picturesque Peñíscola has a cozy center and amazing beaches, but the most unique features are the historic town and the castle at a high altitude. This beautiful city is our last stop in Valencia.

Our winter adventure comes to an end here. How I enjoyed versatile Spain! In winter the coast is warmest, but if you go a little inland you will find beautiful gems. Are you longing for a warm winter? Then Spain is definitely recommended! 

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