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Fairytales and pilsner in the Czech Republic

Český Krumlov

After my stay in the Netherlands, Leo and I start a new journey! We are on our way to Eastern Europe and the Balkans. My goal? Visiting countries I haven’t been to before.

Arriving in the Czech Republic, I spend the night just across the border in Rozvadov. The Czech Republic is not a new country for me, but I’ve only visited Prague so it feels new! I’m parked a kilometer outside the village and it’s suddenly very quiet… it takes some getting used to after all the hustle and bustle in the Netherlands.

Marianske Lazne – Mariënbad

Marianske Lazne is a spa town with many beautiful buildings, empty fountains and elderly people. I decide to walk the nature trail in Kladska a little further on. First 1.5 kilometers via planks then through the forest to a beautiful lake. It is still a bit muddy in the woods this time of year.


Pilsen is the birthplace of the lager beer! Pilsen also has colorful buildings, a cathedral, mosque, synagogue and you can have a delicious lunch there. But for me it’s about the pilsner on the square, that makes me happy!

Karlstein Castle

Morning walk to Castle Karlstein, we have to walk quite a bit up hill! We walk from the campsite, but you can also park the car in the village. From the parking lot you have to walk briskly up hill. Wonderful start to the day!

Capital Prague

Through a hilly landscape and many country roads I drive towards Prague. Divoká Šárka is a beautiful park northwest of Prague, great for walking the dog!

I think Prague is a great city, I’ve been there before but it feels good to be here for the 2nd time! This time I see the gigantic Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the view over the city with the red roofs and relax with a beer on the terrace.

Bohemian Switzerland

There was a fire in Bohemian Switzerland in mid-2022. Almost everything in the nature park is currently closed due to the great havoc with fallen trees. In Hřensko the hiking trail starts to the Pravcicka Brana bridge and the beautiful picturesque restaurant. Fortunately, this path is open, from Hřensko it is about 10 km there and back.

Sloup Castle

In North Bohemia I visit Castle Sloup, in Skalni Hrad. Over the centuries, hermits lived here on a high rock who built a small castle. There is also a church carved into the cave, a very special place!

Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise is truly paradise! It is one big hiking paradise. We walk part of the (yellow) Golden Trail route and walk at the Prachovske Skaly rocks. This is maximum enjoyment! We camp at this basic campsite, I love it!

Rain, unfortunately a lot of rain in the Giant Mountains and it seems to stay that way for the next 4 days so I skip the Giant Mountains and drive south.

Kuks Hospital

Kuks Hospital is located in the town of Kuks, it was previously a pharmacy, hospital, detention center and retirement home. Now it is a baroque museum with an old pharmacy.

You can also enjoy beautiful walks in the area! Route Betlem has several large sculptures on the route.

Kutna Hora

I drive to Kutna Hora and see the Sedlec Ossuary a small church decorated with the bones and skulls of over 40,000 people. The bizarre decorations are made in the form of chandeliers, a pyramid, crosses and coats of arms.

But unfortunately… ❌ no pictures.

Sumava National Park

After a super fun visit with friends in Germany, I drive back into the Czech Republic via the Sumava National Park. Here you will find authentic villages where you can go for a great walk with an awesome view!

Fairytale villages and castles

Český Krumlov is a small medieval town in the loop of the Vltava River. The historic center of the city dates from the 14th to the 17th century.

The Hluboka Castle looks like a Disney castle! A large and beautiful castle with an amazing castle garden.

Telč is a quiet village on the water and has a large square surrounded by colored houses. It all seems too good to be true!

Blansko Caves

It is a long drive to Blansko, the Moravian karst with caves. Leo is not allowed to enter the caves, so we go for a walk in the beautiful nature reserve and view the gorge.

The canyon is deep! In the center of the photo you can see the platform in front of the cave with ‘little’ people.

The Maccocha canyon is 138 meters deep, 174 meters long and 76 meters wide, it is the largest canyon in the Czech Republic!

I have now arrived at the border of Slovakia and I’m leaving the Czech Republic. What a fantastic country for walking, I really enjoyed my trip through the Czech Republic! 

Leo and I continue our trip to Slovakia, please click on this link and read on!

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