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The world consists of 7 continents and approximately 200 countries. The continents are; Antarctica, Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America, North America and Africa. The continents are clearly described, but the number of countries in the world is less clear. There are different counts and ideas regarding the number of countries in the world. I count the independent states and at the moment there are 199. Taiwan and Tibet sub-areas of China, I count as 2 additional countries. That is a total of 201 countries!

I would like to see the entire world! I have now visited 7 continents. Not all destinations have a blog, the first blog is from my first trip alone; Nepal 2013. You can see in the overview below how many countries I have visited per continent.

TotalVisitedTo visit
The world20168133

Antarctica 1 country


Antarctica is not owned or managed as such. However, there is an international treaty, The Antarctic Treaty, which provides for regulations. This gives countries that have signed this treaty the opportunity to conduct research in Antarctica.

Would you like to see more of my dream trip to Antarctica? Click on the link below.

Asia 46 countries

Cambodia Angkor Wat

Asia has 46 independent countries (including Taiwan and Tibet) and I have now visited 14 countries in Asia. Do you want to see more of this beautiful continent? Click on the link below and choose your favorite!

Oceania 15 countries

New Zealand Milford Sound

Oceania has 15 countries. I visited New Zealand in 2010 and in 2017 I was in beautiful Australia for 2 months. I would love to discover the other 13 countries in this unique continent.

Click here for an overview of the countries in Oceania.

Europe 49 countries

Czech Republic Prague

For me the most well known continent. Earlier I didn’t know that the continent of Europe consisted of so many countries. I am over half and have already visited 43 countries on this varied continent. Do you want to see which one? Click on the link below.

South-America 13 countries

Chili Salar de Tara

South America consists of 13 independent countries, of which I have visited 4. I am a big fan of this cheerful continent and would love to travel there for a year or more and visit all the countries of this continent. Do you want to see which ones they are? Click on the link below.

North-America 22 countries


In North America I visited Canada and the United States, these were short mini vacations. I would love to go back to visit these big countries intensively and also travel through the other 20 countries! Click on the link below for a overview of the countries in North America.

Africa 55 countries

White bearded monkey

Africa is a large continent and I have almost no travel experience besides a few days in Morocco and a diving holiday in Egypt. Actually I still have everything to discover in this warm continent. Below you will find an overview of the countries in Africa.

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