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Campervan trip Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia city

Cyprus is a republic on an island in the eastern Mediterranean and is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus is located about 70 km south of Turkey and 100 km west of Syria. From Tasucu in Turkey I take the night boat to Cyprus!

Boat trip

My goodness what an intense boat trip! After 5 hours of waiting I can board around midnight. The trucks go backwards onto the boat, what I don’t know yet is that I have to drive backwards down the ramp the next morning…

On the boat Leo and I can sleep in the car, despite the shaking of the boat and crazy dreams about falling overboard with the camper, I wake up quite rested.

It takes hours before we can go ashore, passport control vehicle documents, insurance and documents for the dog. I’m parked at the front of the boat and the waiting truckerdrivers watch me driving backwards down the ramp…

History 1974

After a Greek coup on July 15, 1974, the Turkish army invaded Cyprus a few days later on July 20, 1974. The dominance of the Turks over the Greek Cypriots is great.

A long series of atrocities on both sides ensues. The ceasefire will come into effect in mid-August.

The Turkish army retreats behind the green line, the border that runs through the center of the island. Cyprus has since been divided into a Greek and Turkish part.

Change of plans

I am not welcome in South Cyprus because of the dog. That surprises me enormously, but at the border in Nicosia there are still many unclear rules due to the war between the Greek and Turkish part.

I turn around and our stay is therefore only in Northern Cyprus.
How can you refuse this dog? 🙂

Karavostasi camping

In the west of Northern Cyprus I meet Oleg and his son at the campsite, two creative and fun men. We walk in the neighborhood and Oleg cooks vegetarian, delicious!

After two days I continue my journey. On the way I have lunch overlooking this beautiful lake near Myrtou and see a beautiful little chameleon walking by very cool. Leo and I also walk the long Coastal Walkway there and back, beautiful along the sea!


In the St Hilarion Castle Leo is not allowed to enter, so we look at the castle from the outside. We walk in the neighborhood for over an hour through nature, wonderfully without cars and without asphalt, super!

We drive on and park near the fortress in Kyrenia because we can spend the night there. Kyrenia is a pleasant town! I view the old harbor and eat tapas at the adjacent fish restaurant by the water.

Bellapais Monastery

Wow the mosque can be heard very loudly and also the cleaning cars that go through the city. Wake up early but what a wonderful start to the day. Leo can run loose at the castle and then 09:00 AM coffee in the sun on the terrace.

On to Bellapais Monastery, a beautiful monastery from the 13th century with an even more beautiful view!

Leo and I walk a nice round in the mountains with fantastic views again, I also see the monastery from above. Unfortunately we have to turn around. In many places are these signs ‘prohibit access’ due to the border between north and south.

North coast

On the north coast I find a dream place, the main picture of this blog. We walk along the sea and I keep taking pictures. Some ‘crazy’ cars pass by so as soon as it gets dark I move the car to a place next to a restaurant, which feels safer. And then full moon, another beautiful picture!

The landscape is rolling and somewhat resembles England. In Dipkarpaz we park at the beach for the night. What a top spot again! You can walk for hours with a view of the sea, view an old church ruin and also enjoy delicious food at the adjacent restaurant. Leo had a big bone for dinner!

Kantara Castle

We are going to Kantara castle! It is a fantastically beautiful mountain road with a view of almost the whole of Cyprus. The castle is a ruin and Leo seems to like it even more than I do. Hahah he runs upstairs and looks everywhere, very nice to see ruins together!

The view is amazingly cool, so wide, the coast, the mountains, the roads and the interior.

Karpaz Peninsula 

Cape Road

Karpaz Peninsula is all the way to the east and recognizable by the wild donkeys that immediately come to greet you. So funny I stop for a photo but Leo doesn’t like them, he is growling and barking.

We drive on the beautiful Cape Road to the cape. Close by we have a great parking spot overlooking the cape.

Besides donkeys, there are also many dogs and sheep on Karpaz Peninsula. Leo plays with this beautiful white dog for two days, he even wakes us up at 6:00 in the morning to play with Leo…

The sheep follow us in a herd. When I turn around for a picture they stop abruptly, funny animals in Cyprus!

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is an elongated sandy beach with crystal clear water.

We also spend the night here, what a stunning place!


Near Famagusta is Salamis Ancient City and Leo can come along, that’s great! In short: beautiful ruins, a great area around it for walking and a bar with delicious coffee.

In Famagusta you can easily park for the night at the harbor. As soon as it stops raining I immediately go to see the city. The beautiful well-preserved city walls of Famagusta of approximately 3 kilometers are beautiful. We climb on a tower and have a good view over the old town and the mosque. The large Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque was originally a church but has been used as a mosque since the 16th century.

Bad weather

At 3 o’clock I wake up from the bad weather. Wow the palm trees sway back and forth and the waves are high. Leo is not well and we go out 3 times at night to walk in the rain, we are both soaking wet and it is a big mess in the camper.

When I leave Famagusta, some roads are even flooded, what a storm all of a sudden.

In Kyrenia I arrange a spot on the boat for the return trip to Turkey and then have lunch with Anja & Christine whom I have met before, amazing people!

Return trip

Waiting in the harbor I watch the meters high waves crashing over the quay walls and I hope for a safe crossing.

When we arrive in Tasucu, the sun is shining and there is no wind anymore. I’m very happy I arrived safely in Turkey.

I look back on a fantastic time in Cyprus; met very nice people, enjoyed the wonderful weather and the most beautiful part of Cyprus: Karpaz! The boat crossing is spectacular, I recommend going to Cyprus in a different way hahah. Bye Bye beautiful Cyprus I enjoyed it!

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