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Nepal, the start of my asian trip

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Of to a bad start

It’s finally time, I’m travelling to asia where I’ll be travelling the coming three months. Wow, very exiting again.

My preparation was a bit messy this time. Strangely enough, the last two weeks I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff, except preparing for my trip. On the day I leave I find out my bag doesn’t close up, bummer, I’ve got too much stuff and I’m also running late. A friend who takes me to Schiphol airport is already at the door. So I have no choice, just close up my backpack and I’ll keep my sleeping bag in my hand.

My flight to Kathmandu is delayed and I have a layover of 10 hours in Mumbai India. I try to sleep at a fastfood restaurant, but I’m barely able to close my eyes, it’s a very long 10 hours.

Around 07:00 AM I decide to ‘get up’ and drink some water at the faucet that says drinking water. Am I stupid or what? This is not an option here, beginners mistake. This will come back to hound me later.

Kathmandu, I’m back

Once I arrived in Kathmandu I feel so tired and I look it as well. I take care of my papers for Tibet and drop down on a very comfortable bed in a bit up scale hotel.

What a bliss, I get served momo’s in my room and feel like a rich person. 

Kathmandu is always dusty, busy and it takes time to get used when arriving from the Netherlands.

I walk around the city for two days and because of the Dashain festival there is a calm atmosphere. A lot of locals have left for the villages to celebrate the festival with family.

The consequences of the 2015 earthquake are still visible.


I don’t feel like or have the energy to do anything. At that moment I feel as I need to adjust and have a burned out feeling. There seems to be something else at play here, the water from India! The next two days I spent my time regularly on the toilet and feel miserable. I’ve just booked a ticket to Lumbini and have to fly tomorrow. Too tired and cold to think about it, I fall asleep in my new extra warm sleeping bag. Happy I brought it along, it’s already worth it!

The flight is delayed and when somebody at the gate talks to me, sweat is dripping along my spine. I excuse myself and put my head back on my backpack. Finally I arrive in the hotel in Lumbini, where I immediately fall a sleep in my bed. I’m being bitten by a lot of mosquitos and found out I didn’t close my hotel room door. Welcome mosquitos and long live the safe environment of Lumbini!

Then it all goes wrong, I have to go to the toilet at least 12 times a day, I can’t remember ever being this sick. In the meanwhile I use google to find out what I have and think it is just a bad case of travellers diarrhea. Eat normal and drink a lot is the advice. So I eat some easy digestable stuff and top it off with ORS which helps well. I never tried Tomato-egg soup before, but I’m liking it!


After three days lying in bed, I go to Lumbinipark, a park with many temples. The day after I visit the area where Buddha used to live in his childhood years. Exhausted by this relaxed tour I lay down in bed. Travelling takes up a lot of energy this way.

The next day, while travelling on the back of a motorbike, I stop at two important temples and the birthplace of Buddha, impressive! The following day I’m in a bus for twelve hours driving to Kathmandu, what a distance. This time I take Loperamide, this ceases all bowl movement.

All will be well I tell myself, and again I fall asleep in the bouncy bus. Tomorrow I fly to Tibet.

See blogpost Tibet;

This is not the way I imagened my second visit to Nepal would be. I think I have to visit Nepal once more.

To be continued…

Lumbini, birthplace Buddha

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