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Unknown Spain II

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Iberian pigs

From Castilla-La Mancha I travel to Extremadura! I have read that it is a less touristy destination, with a few interesting towns, many Iberian pigs, many cork trees and beautiful hiking trails. I’m looking forward!

Serrejon Village

Our first stop is in Serrejon, where we will spend the night next to a (closed) small bullfighting arena. We walk a long way between fields with endless cork trees.

Serrejon is a nice Spanish village! I’m standing in line at the supermarket for a croissant and muffin. Nobody is in a hurry here, it is the meeting place of the village. I actually only wanted to stay one night, but Leo is really enjoying his new ‘outside basket’ so we stay another night.

Plasencia city

On to the city of Plasencia with a nice old town and a more or less green cathedral. The city is busy on Saturdays, all terraces are full. It’s now 20 degrees outside and the patio warmers are on full blast?!

Jerte river

We are parked next to the Jerte river. There is a walking route along the river here, our morning walk for today.

It’s a super nice start to the day!

Garganta de los infiernos National Park

Walking in this national park is really amazing, highly recommended! This is the Los Pilones trail.

After a climbing route through the forest I arrive at the Jerte river and its beautifully eroded boulders. A nice reward after the hike, the relaxing sound of the river and a very photogenic environment!

National Park Monfrague 

If you like birds of prey, I definitely recommend visiting this park. AMAZING, very large birds of prey! And so close! The largest population of black vultures in all of Europe lives here.

I can borrow binoculars from a Dutch woman I met by chance and spend at least an hour watching birds, what a cool place! We drive further and stop for all the amazing views, it is a beautiful park. Don’t forget the sunset!

Medieval city I: Cacares

I spend the night in the medieval town of Cacares and there I meet Sandie and Albert, wonderful people. We drink coffee and chat for hours. Albert can take photos remotely, we love it, but Leo is done with it…

The city is being converted for an ice skating rink?! and a medieval fair. It’s full of working people, trucks and construction equipment. Okay no sightseeing, I’m going to sit on the terrace and enjoy my first paella!

Medieval city II: Merida

Merida is nice! After a kilometer of walking I already see the first remains of Acueducto de Los Milagros.

We walk around the city and look at the Roman bridge, the cathedral, the large square, Templo de Diana and at the Roman theater we take a peek over the hedge.

Monastery Tentudía

Monastery Tentudía is located on the mountain with fantastic views! You can also view the monastery from the inside and that is definitely worth it.

The village of Monesterio is on the Via de la Plata camino. There are a lot of cork trees and also many Iberian pigs in this route. It is indeed beautiful to walk in Extremadura!

I enjoyed Extremadura. The nature, the tranquility and the many walking opportunities in combination with nice medieval towns, it was a great trip!

After a short visit to Andalusia it is time for my Morocco tour. Are you traveling with us?

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