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Unknown Spain I

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Castilla-La Mancha

Cuenca village

After more than 3 weeks of traveling in Aragon, it is time for a new region: Castilla-La Manche! From Teruel to Cuenca is a fantastic route to drive! Past red rock formations, through a valley of autumn trees with yellow and red leaves and panoramic views, magnificent.

Cuenca village

After a 2-hour drive I park along the river near the other campers. You are never alone in Spain 🙂 We walk to the ancient rock wall houses and the high San Pablo foot bridge. We are still at an altitude of 1,000 meters and it is now really autumn (cold).

In the morning, Leo and I walk along the river and through the park.

Fantastic start to the day!

Campo de Criptana windmills

In Campo de Criptana I look at the famous windmills from the novel about Don Quichotte. The ten windmills are located on a hill and still look original. Bizarre because the oldest ones date from the 16th century!

Tablas de Daimiel National Park

On to Tablas de Daimiel National Park. Unfortunately, Leo is not allowed to come along because this is a park with many birds. The nature around the park is also beautiful for walking. Leo stays in the car for a while and I go for a walk in the (free) park. There are several walking routes, I choose the route around the lake.

I walk around the lake via wooden paths and bridges, stunning! I see many small birds and even a few white flamingos! There is total peace and that makes me completely zen.

Torralba de Calatrava

We spend the night in the hamlet of Torralba de Calatrava. Here is a camper place with services where I can discharge and fill up with fresh water.

In the morning we walk around looking for fresh bread, but there is no shop in sight. But then suddenly toot toot, there is the baker with a car full of bread, perfect timing!!

Stay overnight in Alcoba

We took a nice walk in Alcoba and got a lot of attention from the local sheep. I cut the route off a bit because it was a very long loop haha. As a result, I had to cross the grounds of a goat farm with 3 guard dogs…together with Leo, irresponsibly…

Cabaneros National Park

I park in the (only?) parking lot in the park along the road, where a walking route through the park starts. We first walk to a viewpoint with a view of the mountains and then a bit through the forests and bushes.

It is also fantastic to drive through the park, unexpectedly beautiful! In the middle of nature with vast plains, small mountain lakes and amazing views of the mountains at the top. I love it!

Time to relax

We had great walks in Castilla-La Mancha and we are completely satisfied! Leo is chilling on his back in his basket(s).

It is sometimes a bit chilly at night so Leo has two baskets and a sleeping bag to stay warm.

Castilla-La Mancha may be less known but definitely worth a visit. It might be nice to take a tour in combination with the Extremadura region. We travel further in Extremadura, will you travel with us? PLease click on this link.

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