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Like a god in Greece II, Peloponnese

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Akrata beach

I started my journey in the north of Greece where I crossed the border with North Macedonia. Via the west coast I arrived in Peloponnese!

After the Peloponnese I will travel through the inland to the border with Turkey. Do you want to read my blog about the mainland of Greece? Just click on this link!


Akrata beach

Via the Patras bridge, a huge cable-stayed bridge I cross to Peloponnese!

In Akrata is my first stop and on the almost empty beach I meet the Dutch Marina and her Greek friends. Super nice because I’m invited for a Greek lunch! We have a nice chat about the dogs and life as an olive picker.

Fishing village Katakolon

In Brinia we are parked almost on the sandy beach and also next to a restaurant where I eat delicious grilled sardines. The next day we drive for an hour and when I arrive at the port of Katakolon I park the car for the night. We walk a long stretch along the beach and view the charming fishing village.

In Kalo Nero I park on the beach again and it really is a dream spot again! But I do miss a bit of culture, ruins, mountains and walking, so on to Methoni because there is a beautiful castle. It is actually more a fortress, it dates from the Middle Ages and is gigantic!


Through the mountains, past thousands of olive trees and through tiny villages I drive from Methoni to the northeast, a stunning route! But there seems to be a storm coming so I decide to spend the night at the campsite in Kalamata. The sea is rough and the wind is blowing hard, but fortunately it is not too bad at the campsite.

After a lot of rain we leave the next day to see Mani. It is the middle of the three peninsulas. I love this place, nature is untouched and so green here, beautiful!! Lots of nature, few houses and beautiful bays. Maximum enjoyment 🙂

Sparta & Mystras

At the campsite in Sparta we are parked in the grass and the leaves are falling from the trees. Leo loves that he rolls on his back, so much fun!

Greek Theodores asks if I’m coming for a glass of wine at the camping bar and that’s great! It is a kind of village bar, with some snacks and Greek music. I feel very welcome!

Mystras is a Byzantine ghost town about 5 km from Sparta. It was an important city in the 13th century and in the Middle Ages, as many as 40,000 people lived there. This ghost town is built against the slopes of the steep mountain. Leo unfortunately can’t come along and I don’t want to leave him alone for too long so I literally run up and down, good work out!


Then I can rest in Monemvasia, a wonderful place by the sea. In the evening a clear sky full of stars and a full moon, amazing!

We walk to the ruins of Epidaurus Limera and to an ancient tower. That path eventually becomes too prickly so we go back. I even have to carry Leo for a while, poor soul, his paws are full of thorns.

We are going to old town Monemvasia today! It is a beautiful old town with many souvenir shops and beautiful narrow streets. We walk to the lighthouse and enjoy the sea view.


The mountain route to Leonidio is fantastic. I love driving in the mountains and we also stop along the way to go for a walk. We travel out of season and that is noticeable now, we are all alone here. What a peace and what an amazing environment.

The view of Leonidio bay is magical! In Leonidio I spend two days at the campsite where I meet German Manfred with whom I have lunch, calamari my favorite! I also meet Dutch Wim with whom I drink a nice wine.

Salanti beach

Peloponnese has many beaches and we often spend the night at the beach. We have a great time in Salanti because we can enjoy a hike with a beautiful view of the bay.

Every day the shepherd passes by with his flock, after meeting the watchdog Leo stays neatly next to the camper.

German Anna is parked next to me and we look at the old abandoned hotel together. It is nearby and huge, we walk all the way up and can stand on the roof. Really bizarre that it was left like this. Isn’t it actually about to collapse, I wonder? Haha that’s not a good thought and I’m going down real quick…

Didyma Sinkholes

Two gigantic craters have been created by erosion near the town of Didyma. These craters are also called doline. The sinkholes are amazing, super big and something I haven’t seen before. A church has even been built in the small sinkhole. Do you want to see the entire small sinkhole? Then watch the video below!

During this time, the olives are picked in the Peloponnese. Large nets are placed under the tree, the tree is shaken and the olives fall into the net. Then remove the twigs and leaves, it is a labour-intensive job.


My last stop in Peloponnese is in Corinth.

In Ancient Corinth is the Temple of Apollo. Today (Tuesday) everything is closed here, together with Leo I walk through the old city and look at the Apollo Temple from a distance.

We drive to the Corinth Canal and that canal is more than 6 km long, 24 meters wide and the walls at this place are approximately 70 meters deep. Wow that’s deep!!! I even find it a little scary. There is a pedestrian bridge and the cars drive over the other bridge. The pedestrian bridge shakes considerably with every car. Haha I’ll hold the railing just to be sure.

From here I continue my way to Athens and drive inland (east side) to the north of Greece to cross the border into Turkey at Alexandroupoli.

Do you want to read the continuation of my journey? Just click on this link!

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