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Vikos gorge

Back to the EU! From North Macedonia I cross the border into Greece and in 10 minutes I cross 2 border posts, easy. On the way I see a camper place with a fantastic view over Lake Vegoritida, I stop there for the day.

Edessa waterfall

I go for lunch in the small village of Arnissa, bread, salad, chicken souvlaki, chips and cold red wine, simple and delicious! Really as I imagined the food in Greece, a good start.

Nearby is Edessa a nice town with a beautiful bridge, old church and real waterfall. Yes, this waterfall really has a lot of water! 

Pindos National Park

Then we continue to Pindos National Park, a nice and long drive. A lot of bumping and two storage bins fall empty, pfff less pleasant, what a mess in the camper.

But after that I arrive at this dream place WOW! Lake Aoos near Metsovo.

Leo and I enjoy a nice walk in the forest with pine trees, a small river and some colored autumn trees. During the sunset it looks like the trees are on fire.

I am currently reading a book by a world traveler in which the author encountered a bear on one of his walks. Bears also live in Pindos National Park, it will not happen that there is one… I think about it every walk hahah.

In the morning the camper is frozen, but later the weather is fantastic. Now I drive a nice ride through the Pindos park towards Ioannina. In the higher mountain village next to the church I can spend the night in the parking lot. A place with a view over Ioannina, beautiful! There I meet Anders & Mia with whom I drink a glass of wine and a little later I also meet Hans and his newly adopted dog Pinta, nice!

Vikos Gorge

In the Vikos gorge we first have to descend a lot into the gorge and then it is a varied walk with hiking trails, boulders, loose gravel with rope, flat parts, ascending and descending.

You can walk the entire gorge in about 6 hours and come back by taxi, but we will walk for 2 hours and then 2 hours back because we are going to take a look at Stone Forest.

That is a special natural creation, layers of natural rock formations in the form of trees at an altitude of 1500 meters.


Via Preveza I drive to Lefkada, an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. We stop at the Nidri waterfall and there is no more water, but it is a nice area to walk around. Leo runs along the bottom of the river with some children.

The camper place in Ammoussa Beach is great, a beautiful beach, almost no cars and no stray dogs. With a great view of the sea I drink a beer with Greek Xaris, nice!

Via a beautiful mountain road I drive in the direction of the lighthouse. The adjacent monastery is in a fantastic place and I will visit that too. A very old nun lets me in and I enjoy her slow walk. There are beautiful old paintings in the monastery.

Then the lighthouse… what an amazing location and the road along the coast is also great! On the way I have lunch at a restaurant with a fantastic view of the sea, I think the west coast is even more beautiful than the east coast, super cool day, this coastal route is a must!


Mytikas is located by the sea and is an authentic Greek town. We walk along the sea and to the village, I eat delicious fried anchovies and get some fresh fruit. The weather is still great, in my bikini I take a shower on the beach.


At Mesolonghi there are lagoons and salt fields with the mountains in the background. It is a beautiful area and it looks so amazing with pink heather, different colors of water, flamingos and also a large mountain of salt.


Via the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, the Patras Bridge, I’m going to the Peloponnese! I have heard many good stories about it and am looking forward. Do you want to read my blog about the Peloponnese? Please click on this link!


From the Peloponnese I travel on to Athens, what a city! At a distance a large swarm of white buildings. Besides a lot of traffic jams and 2 accidents, I don’t see much of Athens, Leo is not allowed on public transport and a taxi is not possible because of a national holiday.

Chalcis boulevard

Too bad but instead we will go for a walk at Lake Marathon and have lunch in the afternoon with Michael who lives in Athens, great to meet again!

In the evening we walk already on the boulevard of Chalcis, an hour’s drive from Athens. What a great day!

Kaliskopi in the mountains

Leo isn’t fit, he doesn’t eat and falls into a deep sleep while I drive. That’s good because it’s a long drive to Kaliskopi. The last part of the route goes through the mountains with beautiful autumn colors! We spend the night next to the restaurant and after an hour of walking the weather changes… lots of wind and rain.

After the first shower in the morning I quickly go for a long walk with Leo, what a great start to the day! I also have to do some administration and while enjoying mega apple cake, coffee and fireplace I do the administration in the restaurant while it’s raining outside again.

Meteora monasteries WOW!

Meteora are the monasteries built on high rock pillars, what a unique place! There is a neatly laid out route that you can drive by car so you can view the monasteries from different sides.

I also look at the inside of the largest monastery, the church, the corridors, the view, the old kitchen, it is like a painting! I enjoy the serene tranquility and go back to Leo waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

It is now cool in Greece. I drive on to Thessaloniki on my route to warm Turkey. I’m at the service station to have a few minor things fixed. There I meet German Miriam and her recently adopted dog Kaya.


The area below Thessaloniki is wonderful to travel, the shape resembles a hand with 3 fingers or as the Greeks say 3 legs. I spend the night at a beautiful harbor near Pefkohori, a relaxed camper place. In the morning I have a chat with a fisherman, he catches cockles. There is hardly anyone else, great weather and super nice area to walk with Leo.

I drive on to Miriam and Kaya, we meet at the same place and will spend the night under the olive tree. Leo is so happy to see them again, great! 


The weather is unpleasant now. In Alexandroupoli the wind is blowing enormously, but we are only 40 km from the border!

I’ve done all the preparations for Turkey and we’re going into town to buy some extra warm clothes.

Turkey here we come

After 6 fantastic weeks in Greece with lots of sun, we cross the border in gray weather, this is also part of the vanlife! Follow the sun…

Greece many thanks! I enjoyed my stay and will definitely come back.

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